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Do you need a letter for your prospective new employee?

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Employment Contract

Do you need to generate an employment contract for a full-time or part-time prospective employee?

Price: $375 (inc GST)
Time to complete: 5 minutes

Confidentiality Agreement

Do you need to protect your confidential information when there is a need to share it with other parties?

Price: $185 (inc GST)
Time to complete: 10 minutes

Shareholders’ Agreement

Do you need to put a Shareholder’s Agreement in place?

Price: $395 (inc GST)
Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

Licence to Sell Agreement

Do you need to grant a licence to sell a product?

Price: $275 (inc GST)
Time to complete: 5 minutes

Benefits of making a Will online with Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Unlike traditional will kits, Legal Beagle’s online will toolkit offers a fast and easy way to:

  • Protect your minor children by appointing their legal guardians. This is an important decision that shouldn’t be decided by the courts.
  • Gift your stuff. You determine who will receive your property and money instead of the courts. You can also specify how and when your friends and family should receive your assets.
  • Establish the executor of your will. This is the person who will settle your affairs and ensure your heirs receive their inheritance.
  • Detail your wishes for how your remains will be handled, including special instructions for cremation, burial, donation of organs and funeral arrangements.

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